Kingsbane Rogue – Boomsday Post Nerf

Class: Rogue - Format: Raven - Type: Combo - Season: 55 - Style: Ladder

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General Mulligans

You obviously want to get access to your weapon asap. Not only because of its tremendous value but also because the buffs should be applied soon as well, since you want to avoid a Skulking Geist destroying your Poisons. However, even in matchups where that is not impending, you will need to apply the buffs to your Kingsbane but be forced to apply them to your dagger instead in order not to mill cards, should you not draw it in time. Otherwise, when you’re on the coin, Elven minstrel is a great keep for a good turn 3 play. If you are offered Prep and Sprint in your opening hand, keep both as a very good turn 4 play.

New version as sort of a „best of“ Kingsbane Rogue. Due to the nerfs, Mossy Horror seemed not so great in this deck anymore. Yet, to win against Malygos Druid and other weapon heavy classes, an ooze is necessary instead of the second Cutthroat Buccaneer. The body on Vilespine Slayer does not really do much and it needs to be combined with other cards to achieve its real goal; in this version, there is an Assassinate that can also be combined with leftover Preps to kill enemy minions such as Alexstrasza, Dreampetal Florist or other important cards your opponent would like to keep around for their effects. Depending on your matchups, you might want to replace the Buccaneer and the Eviscerate for a Shiv and a second Assassinate. However, an Eviscerate can win you the game with some more burn damage from hand that most would not expect you to have and double up as a second Assassinate that can be played in the early game to get rid of minions with lesser health, thus proving to be more versatile.

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