[KFT] Keleseth Cannibal Zoo

Class: Warlock - Format: mammoth - Type: token - Season: season-41 - Style: ladder

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Deck Import


General Mulligans

By priority:

1. Always keep Prince Keleseth if you get him.

2. Keep Sanguine Reveler if you have Possessed Villager.

3. Keep Bloodsail Corsair to bring up Patches.

Had a pretty good win in casual with my own fun deck.

Prince Keleseth is the key card to buff your minions. Good if you can draw him in early
game, but don’t fret if you don’t get him early as there is another
synergy in this deck.

The deck has several minions which can be sacrificed. Most preferred to be sacrificed are

These minions are perfect to be sacrificed when playing Sanguine Reveler or Ravenous Pterrordax . If you can’t get them, you can sacrifice the smaller token minions like Fire FlyAbusive Sergeant and Bloodsail Corsair .

Moat Lurker   is best used to destroy the Devilsaur Egg . If it dies, it can bring back another Devilsaur Egg and you get another 5/5 Devilsaur to play. Last resort you can use it to destroy opponent’s minion temporarily.

Skelemancer  acts as an anti-AOE minion that would make your opponent think twice before casting AOE spells. If buffed with Defender of Argus or Bonemare , your opponent is forced to bring out the 8/8 minion for you :). Good thing about Skelemancer is the priest won’t be able to use Potion of Madness and summon the 8/8
on their side as it can be only summoned during opponent’s turn.

If you survive till late game, you can bring out Leeroy Jenkins and buff it with  Abusive Sergeant
for a big charge damage. 7 mana (Leeroy + 2 AS) for 10 damage (or 11 if
you managed to get keleseth before drawing Leeroy) can be surprising
for the opponent.

Soulfire is the only removal spell in this deck. 4 damage for 1 mana is crucial
for survival even though with the discard mechanism. You got to give up
something to gain something better 😉

So far this deck only has difficulties against Freeze Mage and the Plague Taunt Druid (especially with their Spreading Plague spell).

Hope you have fun.

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