Heal Burst Priest Op

Class: Priest - Format: Wild - Season: 64

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Deck Import


Similar to big burst priest, but with better control, extra face damage and less dust cost.the idea is to reduce Velen’s, Auchenai’s and face damage spells (mind blast & flash heal) cost using Emperor Thaurissan 

so you can play them in one turn 
or you could depend on the resurrection cards to summon the minions together just like the other burst priest decks 

Auchenai Soulpriest can be used to remove enemy minions, with circle of healing you can deal 4 damage to all minions or you can deal 3 damage with 0 mana using generate, BEWARE not to play spirit lash along with her since it will damage your hero 
for the same reason i didn’t put Obsidian statue instead of Convincing Infiltrator because it has a negative effect if played with Auchenai Soulpriest. 

play other minions before you play Prophet Velen , to avoid him from being transformed to another minion especially when playing against mage or shaman decks, don’t play him first turns and try to force your opponent to play the transformation cards on other minions.

i hope you like this deck and good luck,  i’m happy to answer any question in the comments section 

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