Deck of Chaos Menagerie Control 90% Winrate atm

Class: Warlock - Format: gryphon - Type: control - Season: season-85

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General Mulligans

Obviously you want Deck of Chaos as early you can to gain as much mana cheating as possible.  Primordial Protector helps to draw it as well if you don't get it before 8 mana, and the 6 cost body usually helps a lot too. Circus Amalgam builds the N'Zoth res pool, and doesn't benefit from Deck of Chaos, so it's okay to grab that early.  Drain Soul and School Spirits obviously you mulligan for against aggro classes.

Now this is a wacky deck I put together..

I’m mostly posting this to get some dialogue going about what might be better or worse in the deck, but so far I’m about 7-1 with this and I’m pretty excited to try and make it better. 

Curious about adding Ruststeed Raider but obviously it doesn’t really fit with the “menagerie” style gameplay.  Also I’d like to put Tamsin Roame in place of either Blademaster Samuro or Taelan Fordring, but I don’t have her and haven’t decided to craft her yet. I feel she would really help out with the control strategy of clearing minions and healing in the process, WITH an added benefit of becoming 1 mana after Deck of Chaos.

The consistency of Primordial Protector pulling Deck of Chaos is really nice too, making it pretty easy to pull it before 10 mana and really swinging the game, even if I’m behind. 

Struggles against polymorph effects and hyper aggressive stuff if you brick and don’t get enough healing. 

What do y’all think??

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  1. BierausmKuhli
    April 10, 2021 at 11:17 am

    Hey i tried making deck of chaos work too. I did made a similar List . Here are some suggestions for improvment. 1 card you didnt include what i think is a must include in a topend heavy deck like this is The Dark Portal. Cards that felt the best after i palyed Deck of Chaos where Sleepy Dragon and Enslaved fellord( I feel like this Card was made for Deck of Chaos). Also Archwitch Willow feels good. The rest of my List is pretty Similar.