Crash’s Murlock Zoo, Fast Climb 62% winrate March 2019

Class: Warlock - Format: raven - Type: aggro - Season: season-60 - Style: ladder

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Hey guys, I’m a relatively new player (actually started playing properly 2-3 months back) and as all new players my goal is to reach Legend and start climbing up that ladder. The deck I’ve found the most efficient in this climb is a version of my beloved zoo, Murlock Zoo. I built this deck some time ago but recently it started getting some attention IMO way less than it deserves. Yesterday I started climbing from rank 8 to rank 5 (in 4 hours) with a win rate of 64%, I am now about to hit 4 and with a bit of bad drawing my winrate dropped to 62%. I expect it to vary from 58% to 63% as it usually does depending on matchups.

Some tips about the deck, even though a bit unorthodox I have found (especially against aggro decks) that one of the best first turn plays is coin + Vulgar Homunculus , a 2-4 taunt can be a quite daunting first turn drop if not removed ASAP but the reasoning behind is that it can allow you to drop your murlocs safely usually for the next 2 rounds. If played correctly and with a half decent draw you can easily end the game by turn 6 (if the opponent doesn’t conceed on 5) and it can easily be an otk deck provided you adapt with +3 attack or Windfurry with Gentle Megasaur .

Why am I not using Leeory: Even though Leeroy is a great lethal play I decided to remove it for tempo puproses. In cases where I face a wall priest the 7 health of Doomguard can be quite handy in assistng me remove big taunts in cases where Spellbreaker is nowhere to be found.

Just a heads up for any possible questions, I would not recommend substituting The Soularium this card can literally provide you with a win condition around turn 6-7 when your hand is getting low on cards or where you’re missing a card or two for a big combo or even an otk round! If you’re feeling lucky you can go ahead and try it on turn 3-4 in cases where you haven’t drawn one-drops.

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  1. Creature52
    March 17, 2019 at 9:49 pm

    Wow! This almost looks like the deck that I used to beat Lich King. Quick question though, how crucial are the two megasaur? I understand you need them as a finisher but could you possibly tech one out for another nightmare amalgam in order to go a little farther late game? Or perhaps even a demonbolt to deal with big taunts like grizzly.

    • Crash - Author
      March 20, 2019 at 6:42 pm

      Sorry only just noticed this, they’re a win conditions on their own so I wouldn’t try to swap them out. You can try swapping the Doomguards out, so you’ll go Leeroy & amalgam. If you want to add a demonbold I’d swap out a taunt. If you try these let me know how it goes!