Brewmaster Fatigue Warrior (K&C, Ladder, Rank 5-2, 61%)

Class: Warrior - Format: mammoth - Type: fatigue - Season: season-48 - Style: ladder

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Hey guys, this is my first deck submission! 

Since I’ve been knowing, that they rotate Coldlight, I spend my time on Fatigue warrior. 

I netdecked Stancifka’s list (Shout Outs) in the first place, and came up with this list, which performs very well against the field and I’m really happy with. 

If you aren’t familiar with the archetype, i recommend you to watch some videos on Youtube, searching for Dead Man’s Hand Warrior or check out Stan’s stream if he still plays it. 

Card discussion:

Shield Slam – Can’t fit two of them due to deck    space. 

Whirlwind – We want to beat Aggro and you can’t have enough Whirlwinds against them. Helps with Fishes, Execute and Acolyte, what is important. I tried one and i would never go back. 

Bring It On & DMH – Archetype defining

Drywhisker Armorer – Great card. Gives you the armor immidiately, what synergieses so well in the deck. Closes out the matches against Dude Paladin (our dream Matchup btw), especially in combination with Brewmaster. 

Execute – We really need those as our fatty removal. Don’t play them if not necessary, especially against all kinds of priests. Typically a card you would like to shuffle at least one in such matchups. 

Sleep with the Fishes – Our early game AOE.  Keep against Aggro/Midrange.

Youthful Brewmaster – Most of the time you will target Coldlight with it. Against a Cubelock i bounced an Owl on Lackey and he conceded. 😀

Acolyte of Pain – Make sure to draw at least two cards of it in the early game. It will not improve your board and the cards are needed. 

Coldlight Oracle – If the state of the game allows it, make sure to dump your hand to six cards on Turn 7 for Oracle -> Brewmaster -> Oracle on Turn 8. Should overdraw most of our opponents a bunch. 

Gluttonous Ooze – Mainly a Cubelock Tech, which also shines against Vinecleaver. Gives a bit of armor and since we have so many 2 drops and are floating mana very often, i think we can afford it over Acidic Swamp Ooze. Harrison is not a good choice in the deck, because we want to have control over our draw. Consider to keep it in your mulligan against Priest due to Draconid Operative. More often than not you don’t play it against Aluneth! Try to clear the board efficiently and draw as much as you can, so you can generate a lot of armor. With one or two oracles and a few weapon hits, they die of their own card. 

Ironbeak Owl – Another Warlock Tech, but silence is generally good right know. Probably the first card I would cut for a second Shield Slam, though. 

Reckless Flurry – Yeah we want to stack armor with this deck and running two of those would be risky as hell, but the one copy has done great work for me so far. Against aggro at it’s best when played early. Against control it whipes Priest Spellstones and N’Zoth Boards simply away. It costs you only 3 Mana and a bit of armor. 😀 It catches opponents offguard I feel. 

Shield Block – Armor and Draw

Blood Razor – Mulligan for those in every matchup

Brawl – Most of the time it’s not a good idea to shuffle two of them. 

Skulking Geist – Darc Pact, Inner Fire, Potion of Madness, Pintsize Potion, Poweword Shield, Jade Idol + Deck Thinning = very good

DK Garosh – Against aggro often an autoplay on turn 8. If you expect a long value match (Priest, Control Warlock)  or think your opponent has weapon destruction i recommend you to shuffle it, when possible. 

Cards i opted not to play:

Dirty Rat – I really disliked the fact that Draconid Operative pulled it and it backfired on my Oracles or Geist. 

Slam – We have more carddraw with Oracle + Brewmaster and it doesn’t do much on it’s own. 

Ravaging Ghoul – The Battlecry is perfect but they felt too slow to me, especially in combination with sleep with the fishes. Unlike the whirlwinds you can’t delete them with Geist, what is another reason. 

Let me know, what you think and feel free to ask. I’d appreciate it. 😉 

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  1. Chris
    April 6, 2018 at 2:27 am

    How about swapping an acolyte for Zola?

    • Nickname23 - Author
      April 7, 2018 at 1:27 am

      I tried it and personally didn’t like it, I tried it first for Ironbeak Owl, and it was too much draw, then for Acolyte, as you said, and it still felt clunky…