Boomsday Mecha’Thun OTK

Class: Priest - Format: raven - Type: combo - Season: season-52

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Deck Import


General Mulligans

With little card draw available, the Acolyte and Shield are super important.

Shadow Visions can start powering up the Spellstone or find you a needed answer to an opponents threat

Hemet is useful for getting rid of unnecessary cards and meaning that you can get to the combo without having to wait until you're both in fatigue.

Along with so many others, I have attempted to create a one-turn kill cobo deck utilizing Mecha'thun‘s win condition. 

There are two cards you can use to win with Mecha'thunTwilight's Call or a fully upgraded Lesser Diamond Spellstone.

    — Since Mecha'thun is the only deathrattle in the deck, he will be the only card summoned from Twilight's Call. The big problem here is that it is a dead card until the end of the game, and if you have more than one Mecha'thun die, two will be summoned, making it more difficult to pull off the OTK. 

    — The greater spellstone, on the other hand, will only ever summon one copy of  Mecha'thun, as well as the Doomsayer, which will activate the win condition at the start of your next turn! 

Most people are using Hemet, Jungle Hunter to thin the deck, and I think he’s important here as well. Doomsayer and potentially Twilight's Call are the only two cards you need in play or in hand before you play Hemet, Jungle Hunter.

Zerek's Cloning Gallery is interesting in this build. It may do nothing (if you have Mecha'thun in hand), but it may also be necessary for the combo. Potentially the biggest problem with a deck like this is you opponents ability to discern what your deck is, and to be able to stop you from pulling off the combo.

    –Once you play Mecha'thun, the jig is up and your opponent has every opportunity to transform it. Killing it actually helps us, since we plan to resurrect is later. 

    — This is where Zerek's Cloning Gallery comes into play. Playing the spell and then killing Mecha'thun with Holy Smite in the same turn assures that you’ll have a Mecha'thun to revive later.

The rest of the deck is typical control stuff (not unlike what you would see in a Prophet Velen combo deck). 

Let me know what you guys think of the deck, how viable it would be, and any card substitutions you would make!

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