Amalgamation Brawl: Big Murloc Warlock

Class: Warlock - Format: wild - Type: big - Style: tavern-brawl

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General Mulligans

In general, we mulligan for broken removal and broken murlocs

So, I was looking at this brawl, and I realized how incredibly unfair it could be

I mean, Paladin can straight up summon 7 minions form their deck and gains a reanimate 7 random minion spell

Problem is, I don’t enjoy Paladin, so I started looking at my favorite class, warlock, and realized we had the beautiful Seadevil Stinger at our disposal

and that every minion, no matter how large, was a murloc

so this got me thinking, what if we just played obscenely large murlocs for health instead of mana?  And got to play control at the same time? Within a few minutes, this glorious trash heap emerged, preparing to dominate the amalgamation meta 

(We also fun some demons that help cheat out our

mur’thuzad and mur’ganis for consistencies sake)

Hope you enjoy! And thanks for reading through this comprehensive guide to Big Murloc-Lock

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