Aggro Budget Face Hunter, Up To Rank 5 – Uldum post-nerf

Class: Hunter - Format: dragon - Type: aggro - Season: season-66 - Style: budget

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General Mulligans

The 1 cost ones for obvious reasons ( be able to play a card at turn 1) . Explosive trap when you run against aggro . Spellbreaker against warriors paladins priests generally every deck that runs lifesteal or taunt , it is the real mvp.

A solid deck with no epics and only one legendary, the great Leeroy. You could replace 2xKnife Juggler with 2x Serpent Ward for more direct damage although I feel that the serpent ward version is weaker. Another replace is 1x Mecharoo and 1xArgent Squire for 2x Wolfrider but there are big chances you won’t have to play something at turn 1 which can be a problem. I played the wolfrider version btw for many games. If someone tries a version with Ironbeak Owl instead of , maybe, Animal Companion I would like to hear their results.If this gets 50 upvotes I will create a guide for the most common matchups. For now I have only one advice : Whenever you wonder if you should trade or go face, go face!

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