Top Standard Legend Decks From Galakrond’s Awakening – Week 3 – February 2020

Three out of four Galakrond’s Awakening chapters have already launched. With the last one dropping in two days, we’re near the end of this chaotic period. Even if it’s just a few cards, them launching weekly means that the meta never really had time to settle. And it showed – every week some new decks were popping out, with many of them becoming a strong part of the meta. Embiggen Druid is obviously the best example, but this week the deck was overshadowed by… Hunter.

Yep, Week 3 is all about Hunter. Launch of Sky Gen'ral Kragg pushed Quest Hunter, an already strong deck, into basically the top of Tier 1 (at least according to the early stats). No matter if you play it before or after finishing the Quest, it just works very well and lets you stay ahead – which is important for the deck that can buff the entire board every turn after completing Quest. But Rotnest Drake turned out to be just as or even more important. While it was obvious that the card is over the top, it was hard to predict whether it will be enough to push the entire Dragon package into viability. But it was. The card was quickly slotted into Highlander Hunter, which previously shied away from Dragon package. Now builds running Dragons are all over the ladder and they seem to work best. On top of that, the previously off-meta Aggro Dragon Hunter has gained a lot of mainstream popularity. It turns out that adding two overpowered cards to it made it better – who would have thought?

While there’s still a few interesting cards left (launching this Tuesday), Hunter will definitely be the class to watch. Even though we already had two nerf patches this expansion, given that we’re just in the middle of expansion cycle, we still have some time potentially get a third one, which I guess would be a new record. The last two months has been so crazy that I just can’t imagine having two months of nothing. At the very least, we should start getting some big announcements soon – a new set should be announced roughly a month from now, but before that we might get more info about Standard rotation, Hall of Fame (if anything rotates out) and things like that. Stay tuned for all of that!

Below, you will find a full list of the Legend decks from last week, sorted by the highest placement.

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Hearthstone Legend Decks of the Week


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