HCT Americas Spring Playoffs Top-8 Deck Lists 2017

Here are the deck lists from the top-8 players at the HCT Americas Spring Playoffs!

Top-4 Players

These four players will be moving on to the HCT Spring Championships in Shanghai!

Check out the Brackets.

Class Distribution

Deck Type Distribution

Most Popular Legendaries

Most Popular Epics

Most Popular Rares

HCT Americas Spring Playoffs 2017 - Top 8 Deck Lists

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  1. Carestless
    May 28, 2017 at 4:02 pm

    Honestly it saddens me Warlock had fallen the way it has. Right now it seems there is not a single strong Warlock Deck…
    Warlock being my first Golden Hero will always have something special for me…
    But for sure the next expansion or perhaps the expansion after that Warlock will be back in the game.
    Well…. atleast I hope so..