Wild Secret Collector Mage

Class: Mage - Format: wild - Type: tempo - Season: season-51 - Style: ladder

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Deck Import


General Mulligans

Mana Wyrm and Arcanologist are automatic keeps cos they are some of the best early plays of this deck against anything.

Aluneth too is very important as it is the only draw engine in the deck, allowing it to release its full potential (the deck works if you dont draw aluneth early but not nearly as great).

The rest you should keep them depending on what you have. For example if you have a secret its great to keep a kabal lackey or if you have an arcanologist its great to keep a kirin tor mage. 

Similar to the kobold’s era Secret Tempo Mage, this version of the decks is more face dmg oriented (thanks to Ice Lance and Forgotten Torch ). From The Witchwood it only considers 3 cards, one Vex Crow and two Curios.

Curio Collector is very strong as long as you play it after Aluneth (it basically becomes a five mana 7/7 that grows +4/4 every turn its left alive)

The Vex Crow is not as strong, but it’s usually decent if it survives a turn or if you play it on the same turn with 2 spells (example: T4 – Vex crow + coin + kabal + secret)

Ice lances and torches are the MVP here for obvious reasons, but i’ve found myself closing many games with Pyroblast as well, and i owe many victories to Ice Block too.

The rest of the cards are the typical Secret Package, consisting in Kabal Lackey and Kirin Tor Mage to deploy secrets, Arcanologist to draw them from your deck and Kabal Crystal Runner that can easily be played for 0 mana but are still great at 2 mana and good at 4 mana.

This should not be news to anybody, but the most important part of playing this kind of deck is knowing when you should just switch from trying to control the table to full face dmg.

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