[Theorycraft] Freeze/Murloc/Evolve Shaman with Quest Finisher

Class: Shaman - Format: mammoth - Type: midrange - Season: season-41 - Style: ladder

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General Mulligans

Standard mulligan.  Based on how the meta shakes out we'll see what decks are worth it to keep the quest against but I'm sure it'll be most if not all of them.

This deck works together in a really cool way.  The usual Doppelgangster-Evolve combo is here, as well as the new death knight, but try the evolve effects on a Call in the Finishers for a change!  However, Primalfin and Mana Tide make appearances for murlocs and draw, respectively, so why not throw in Thing from Below because it has probably has the best synergy with the death knight (random 8-drop, oooooh).  Call in the Finishers also allows for fewer murloc cards to be run, but don’t forget Brrrloc and its combo with Moorabi, either.  The good freeze cards are all present to make use of Moorabi as a finisher, or the murloc quest, whichever seems right for the current board situation.  It’s just interesting to see how all the different archetypes fit together and I can’t wait to test this deck after the expansion drops!

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