Tempo Demon Hunter – #6730 Legend (terravich) – Darkmoon Faire

Class: Demon Hunter - Format: phoenix - Type: tempo - Season: season-83 - Style: ladder

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Deck Import

On February 23, I reached Legend # 6730 from Diamond Rank 5 on this deck. The winning percentage is about 70%, which is not accurate.

In the early stages, low-cost minions will damage your opponent. Felfire Deadeye goes well with Battlefiend and Manafeeder Panthara, so it’s best to keep Felfire Deadeye on the mulligan stage.

Mana Burn, Cult Neophyte, and Mage Hunter breaks the opponent’s pace. Especially if you use Mana Burn on the 2nd or 3rd turn, you can get an advantage on the board. At next your turn, use Wriggling Horror and Demon Companion to enhance low-cost minions.

Use ILLDARI Studies on turn 4 to discover the Vilefiend Trainer and put it on the board. Or equip Aldrachi Warblades to damage your opponent.

From turn 5 onwards, use Lorekeeper Polkelt, then Skull of Gul’Dan to get the hand you need for the combo. The combo of IL’Gynoth, Aldrachi Warblades and Stilstepper will cause fatal damage to your opponent. In addition, Kayn Sunfury and Mage Hunter will lead you to a solid victory.

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