Rhok’delar Hunter

Class: Hunter - Format: Mammoth - Type: Control - Season: 45 - Style: Theorycraft

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General Mulligans

I like these cards in general, cat trick is nice against priest/warlock/mage, while flanking strike and wandering monster is good against hunter/rogue/druid.

Aggro Mulligans

I really like unleash the hounds against merlocks, especially in combination with grevious bite. Explosive trap can help you out against token type strategies or merlocks.

I just hate merlocks, man.

Midrange Mulligans

I like Eaglehorn Bow to out tempo the midrange decks. All of our secrets are great against midrange decks, so I think a great hand would include eaglehorn bow + a secret.

Combo Mulligans

Combo in my mind is fatigue or exodia, so flare wrecks exodia, just save for the end. Apply pressure early.

Fatigue I'd say you would want Rexxar to apply pressure, but I haven't played against much fatigue so I am not as experienced with those matchups. May want something entirely different.

Just keep flare against mages ALWAYS.

Control Mulligans

I really like cat trick and the spellstone against control. It seems that being able to play spellstone after using secrets would be nice (as long as they don't have a board clear after the summon ofc).

Flare is to be able to finish off the game through Ice Block. Maybe I have just played too much Exodia Mage, but that card is stupid, in conjunction with access to extra copies through Cabalist Tome and Primordial Glyph. Catching the Mage off guard allows you to pop flare and wreck through ftw.

Otherwise it's just a 2mc cantrip.

Low curve, secret heavy deck. Attempts to use hero power + new legendary hunter weapon to close out the game.

Rexxar can also steal games.

This deck is still a WIP, but I feel like it has potential. May try out tracking to dig for Rhok’delar/Rexxar.

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