Reno Priest

Class: Priest - Format: Wild - Type: Combo - Season: 50 - Style: Ladder

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This is a post-nerf Reno Priest list that tries to OTK the enemy hero with cards like Spawn of Shadows, Velen, mind blast etc. The deck contains a large amount of healing and controlling spells so you have the necessary time to assemble your combo. This decks combo requires a preparation with Emperor Thaurissan since Raza the Chained sets your hero power to Cost one (1) instead of zero (0). Before you drop down Emperor you need to have in hand cards like Mind Blast, Spawn of Shadows, Holy Smite, Shadowbomber and some other of you cheap spells so you will get a good reduction to make the OTK with Spawn of Shadows. Furthermore you can use Velen to pump up your healing effects such as spirit lash and divine hymn. The specified list is overall strong with major counter Druid decks which nowadays have various tools for extreme armor gain. Hope you will enjoy the list. Any comments or proposals for replacements are welcome! Let’s make Reno Priest great again!

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