OMoGu 2TK O_o

Class: Rogue - Format: dragon - Type: combo - Season: season-65 - Style: fun

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General Mulligans

Just go for the normal "Lackey Rogue" type of start, it's pretty solid.

Aggro Mulligans

Against aggro you want to fight for board control; FoK and Thalnos are OK if it's looking a bit Murloc-y...

Control Mulligans

Walk the Plank against Priest. Witchwood Piper and Gnomish Inventor both thin your deck and are decent targets for Witchy Lackeys (or Titanic Lackeys at a push, 2/6 taunt is OK) - only keep them if you've got EVIL Miscreant.

This is not a sensible deck – it doesn’t work … often … but that moment when your opponent realises they’re about to face Highkeeper Ra – totally worth it. Even more so if the DON’T realise there’s gonna be two of him!

The setup – and it’s a biggy:

Firstly empty your deck and throw everything on your board into opponent’s minions to kill your own stuff off – you need an empty board for this to work. Or drop a Doomsayer and hope for the best.

Play Mogu Cultist then Shadow of Death x2 on it.

Shadowstep the Cultist back into your hand and end the turn – hopefully you’ll survive.

Next turn each Shadow of Death summons a Mogu Cultist giving you 6 on the board and a 0-mana Cultist in hand  – play that and TA DAAAA! Highkeeper RA! … if your opponent has > 20 health, play Faceless Manipulator >:)

Note: if your opponent has 20 or less health it’s possible to OTK if you’ve got Prep and Shiv in hand – after Shadowstepping the Cultist back to your hand, you just Prep -> Shiv to draw a card… which will pull all 6 shadow cultists. Replay the one you Shadowstepped to summon Ra!

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