New Ramp Druid

Class: Druid - Format: dragon - Season: season-72

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Deck Import

This is a new ramp druid deck, focusing on ramping very quickly and ending the game quick against control and out valuing midrange with both y’seras. This deck also utilizes two new cards seeing little praise by the community; Bogbeam and Ironbark. There are a lot of debatable minion choices in this deck but my main focus in making this was showing the idea as a whole. The ideal scenario is: On turn 1 either play Treenforcements or Depth Charge, playing Breath of Dreams on 2, and on turn 3 playing Overgrowth. Theoretically, you would have 7 mana crystals by turn 4. The problem with Ironbark and Bogbeam that many members of the community have pointed out is that both of these effects, bogbeam’s especially, are not useful and doing not much by the 7th turn of the game. However, these cards can now be used for free on turn 4, where a 3 damage ping and a taunt+health buff can both be very useful and change the tide of the game. Ramp druid always has to spend mana in the early game ramping instead of actually creating board prescene, and casting 2 free spells that can change the board’s position is super useful. On turn 4, the ideal is to play Marsh Hydra, buff it and taunt it with Ironbark, and then kill a 2-3 mana minion with Bogbeam . The Marsh Hydra creates immediate board presence with rush and taunt (with ironbark), and also curves perfectly into playing an 8 drop. This situation would lead to a win in almost all games, but of course the ideal has a low chance of happening. Thus, certain small cards like Rising Winds and Archspore Msshi'fn are used both as early game tools and as potential tools in the late game as well. This deck doesn’t necessarily need  Breath of Dreams and the dragon package, though this does allow for more ramp, and allows the deck to still function without drawing Overgrowth, though it will work much worse due to the lack of 4,5, and 6 drops. Most of the dragons are filler

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