Mecha’Thun Paladin (ft. 1-Attack Army)

Class: Paladin - Format: wild - Season: season-53

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General Mulligans

Once you get Hemet and Equality, the combo’s almost guaranteed to kill within five turns. Crystology and Small-Time Recruits both helps you sift through the deck against Control as well as give you some leniency against Aggro.

Aggro Mulligans

Taunts and Healing help with the Aggro matchup. Use ‘em well c:

Control Mulligans

Draw as much as you can, hope you hit the combo, hope they can’t interfere with the combo.


Soooo as with my Maly Rogue deck, the deck didn’t come completely to mind on my own; I had a bit of inspiration on the Mecha’Thun page by someone named Earthrouge in terms of the actual combo, so thanks to you, bud <3

The other twist of the deck was, however, my idea. Utilizing draw engines with Crystology and Small-Time Recruits, you’re able to massively thin your deck, and when those 1-attack minions also draw you cards, that’s an insane amount of draw. It’s a bit of a lost mechanic, but one which the deck can thrive with massively.

And finally, I know this specific Mecha’Thun combo is not an original idea, but seeing as a majority of the decks utilizing the combo haven’t found light, I thought I might as well try :3

Core Mechanics

So the deck revolves around Mecha’Thun giving you the final kill. But how, one may ask, are you to go about with achieving the combo? Well… It’s a tiny bit complicated. Have both Missile Launchers die, unmagnetized. Also have Mecha’Thun die somewhere in the course of the game. Kangor’s will resummon both Missile Launchers and Mecha’Thun; Then, you Equality to set them (and all other minions, might I add) to 1-health. The end of the turn comes, and both Missile Launchers proc, killing each other along with Mecha’Thun. Mecha’Thun triggers after Missile Launchers proc, and (assuming you don’t have anything in hand nor deck, nor have any summon deathrattles) that’s the win. 

Now, how do you get to the combo? Easy. Crystology and Small-Time Recruits will help you massively thin your deck to get to your combo pieces (aka Equality), and once you get an Equality in hand, you’re able to drop Hemet and there’s a guaranteed combo within five turns! Well… “Guaranteed”, as the opponent could technically Hex or Polymorph any part of the combo and you’re kinda screwed… But hey, you got the combo off that one time, and it makes it all worth it x3


Against Aggro, search for your smaller minions to contest the board early. Tar Creeper and Righteous Protector do miracles in preserving your health as well as potentially protecting your other minions and enabling them favorable trades. 

Against Control, find every possible combo piece you can and attempt to put it together asap. The combo can, at the very earliest, strike on turn 10 (assuming you coined Mecha’Thun the turn before and have had the Missile Launchers already die). It’s these decks that you have to worry about the combo being interrupted by means of transformation spells, but just hope they either don’t have it or don’t play it on your combo pieces.


If people are meh at the game, they’ll kill Mecha’Thun when they have the chance to prevent you from combo’ing it with other cards the next turn; however, if people are GOOD at the game, they’ve probably caught on to the shenanigans and might try to prevent your minions from dying; HOWEVER, if Mecha’Thun survives, you’re still able to get the combo off regardless if you empty your hand. Same goes for (if manipulated correctly) Missile Launchers. And the Divine Shields the deck runs doesn’t interfere with the combo, because the double Missile Launcher procs will kill them anyway.

The one hard-counter I’ve seen to the deck is manipulation of your combo pieces, whether from milling, discarding, transforming, etc. Simply watch your hand size and hope for the best (since your opponent is in charge of the majority of it). Hopefully your opponent doesn’t run them to begin with, but if it’s the case, hope they whiff on it.


Soooo yeah. Hope y’all enjoyed yet another time-wasting deck build from yours truly. It was fun experimenting with the 1-attack mini-archetype, and I reckon I’ll use the core for some other combo decks… Hehe… Anyway, hope you have fun in the tavern, buds!

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  1. Earterms123
    February 19, 2019 at 10:50 pm

    Cut a Hidden Wisdom, if they don’t trigger the first one, then you are stuck with the second one in hand.

  2. Ghostdragon
    August 17, 2018 at 8:40 am

    Why on earth is small time recruits in this deck? You’re not running nearly enough 1 cost minions to have it make any sense. I like the card, but no point as the deck stands now

  3. Jagi
    August 17, 2018 at 5:58 am

    Hidden Wisdom ? really ? How to win the game with MechaThun , When you stuck with it in the battlefield ?

    • Helioshadow - Author
      August 17, 2018 at 6:28 am

      AFAIK, secrets (and weapons, for that matter) don’t affect Mecha’Thun’s trigger.