KaleMalyGoth Quest Mage

Class: Mage - Format: wild - Type: combo - Season: season-60 - Style: theorycraft

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Hi there !

So this deck works like a basic Quest Mage, you finish the quest and draw the combo pieces and survive using Ice Block, and here is how the combo goes :

You play Archmage Vargoth and the Quest to get two extra turns .

Next turn you play Kalecgos and Greater Arcane Missles and attack with Vargoth for 20 damage .

Final turn you play Malygos and 2nd GAM, attack with Archmage Vargoth and Kalecgos for another 54 damage so you get a total of 54+20=74 damage split among enemies .

Arcane Giant can be used if drawn with up to 8*2*3=48 damage over 3 turns for both giants making the full combo a 74+48=122 damage .

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