J_Alexander’s Tempo Thief Rogue – Doom in Tomb

Class: Rogue - Format: dragon - Season: season-67 - Style: theorycraft

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Deck Import

With Rogue getting new Burgle Synergies and cards like Emperor and N’Zoth returning to the meta, possibly slowing it down, a bursty version of Rogue might become stronger. This deck can push a lot of tempo and damage in the early game, then utilize cards like Sap to push past the slower new cards that many players might be drawn towards. In fact, with so many expensive cards returning (and Shaman getting a big boost in their evolve strategies), I see the value of Sap likely increasing a lot in the future meta.

So here’s a new Tempo/Burgle list that can take advantage of the greedier lists out there.

It functions in a similar way as many previous Tempo Rogue lists: get the board, go face, finish with burst. Tools like Vendetta and Sap can easily help you get that early damage in to make your burst count even better. The flex spots in the deck are the Tog/Cable Rat package if you’re looking for something to swap out, as they might be a bit too slow for what we’re trying to accomplish. Lifedrinkers may well be better.

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