Giants Cycle Combo Priest

Class: Priest - Format: raven - Type: combo - Season: season-51 - Style: ladder

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Deck Import


Hey guys!

I’m working on this list since the release of the Witchwood expansion with inspiration from XBLYZES’ and Affie’s Combo Priest lists. I think the meta has become favourable for the deck by now and should be a good pick up, if you’re running into Combo and Control decks. Also, the deck can often outpace other proactive decks, when they struggle to remove our early game. (Even Warlock/Shaman for example)

General Instructions
The gameplan with this list is to curve out the first few turns, when possible, with main focus on making your minions survive. Don’t play a “naked” Northshire Cleric on Turn 1, if you expect your opponent to remove it on his Turn. It’s your most important card. If you have Power Word: Shield, always play her on Turn 2 or coin it. Follow up with your other minions, depending on the situation. Play always around Removal and AOE and protect on board with Unpowered Steambot on Turn 4.  

Then you want to draw into a full hand with Northshire Cleric, possibly Vivid Nightmare on it and your AOE Heal cards, often supported by the discounts from Radiant Elemental.
Now you can follow up with Mountain Giant, which is also a good target for Vivid Nightmare, or you have already drawn into lethal, what is not that uncommon.

Now you might want so say: That seems unrealistic and inconsistent. In my experience this is only true for Rogue, with Baku Hero Power or simply the plethora of Backstab, Sap and Eviscerate, who can get rid of our early board with ease.

Notable Card Inclusions
Shadow Ascendant:
Good follow up to Northshire Cleric or Radiant Elemental, which is the reason, why it makes the cut for me.

Acolyte of Pain:
One of the weaker spots in the deck. Best when played early. If we get 2 cards out of it, we are happy. I could see a Tar Creeper instead of it, though. I’m not sure.

Mass Dispel:
Silence carries too little value for my liking and can often be a dead card. So I opted for 2 copies of Mass Dispel and have been satisfied with it.

Unpowered Steambot:
Good card in the list. Protects our minions on board. You can often heal it up to serve that role for another Turn and draw cards with Cleric. Also, capable of value trading with opposing Mountain Giant with Inner Fire or your minion to make the final push with Divine Spirit and Inner Fire.

Witchwood Piper:
I don’t like the 3/3 body, but Northshire Cleric is that important, that it makes the cut as a one of.

Mountain Giant:
In my opinion, these faster, non-Dragon Combo Priest lists lack for a real midgame thread outside of the combo itself. I experimented a lot with Quartz Elemental, but was never happy with it. This deck is built around Mountain Giant and can often get it out on Turn 5 or earlier. Drawing into a full hand is more valuable, though, and you should always do that first, when possible. Everything becomes more explosive after it, even your Giants 😉

Feedback and questions are appreciated and…

Good luck on the ladder!

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