Dust’s “Nerf Jaraxxus” Control Warlock w/ Elite Tauren

Class: Warlock - Format: pegasus - Type: control - Season: season-122 - Style: ladder

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General Mulligans

Intro to The Guide and The Idea Behind It (Mulligan Explanation in The End if You Wish To Jump This):

I played with a Highlander >Wheel of Fortune< Control deck for a while, until I noticed I was never using it in the games I actually won. So I decided to take that win condition away and use the strongest control cards from the patch!

I also added some secret weapons to finish off your opponent before they get too smart.

>Zilliax Deluxe 3000< is used with Twin Module + Perfect Module:

The basic 9-mana, 6-5 Zilliax, that summons a copy of itself (both get >Divine Shield<, >Rush<, >Lifesteal<

>E.T.C., Band Manager< holds a second copy of >Felstring Harp< (costs 1 mana) and a second copy of >Rustrot Viper< (costs 3 mana). The third card I use >Leeroy Jenkins< (costs 5 mana).

You should not be picking Leeroy with ETC, unless you have lethal or are sure you can get there in a few turns. Even then, I’d recommend you see this card as a part of your healing package, as Harp can heal you up to 6 while finding you other healings. Viper can help take out the gas of some opponents trying to rapidily bring your health down. Warriors will play a 10-mana, 5 attack weapon with >Windfury< pretty often too.

>Elite Taurem Champion<  is also a finisher. You can play it earlier, but once it explodes the first time, the damage potential is over. You wanna play it when your opponent’s health and board’s situation aren’t great. Letting 8-damage explode in your face at 30-health isn’t as bad as 8-damage at 15-health. The other good part about playing at a critical moment is, once you play it, the damage starts going up every turn when it doesn’t explode in someone’s turn. Healing up again from 15-health to 30-health might not matter anymore once the explosion damage is 26. You will always outpace your rival and will always have a way to complete total mana in one turn after turn 6 or 7. >Photographer Fizzle< comboed with >Symphony of Sins< will make sure of that. The bomb counts as a card, so plan ahead to overdraw your opponent and to not be overdrawn yourself.

Let’s spread this deck so they nerf >Lord Jaraxxus<. As someone who plays Warlock since Handlock of 2014, I believe that an 8-mana cost for our Lord and favourite Demon, Jaraxxus, is kinda bonkers and seriously limits the ability for other classes to have viable control options. Aggro and combo decks can easily win against this one, but you will find yourself with a lot of fighting power against them as well. 


You should try to find the best answers for the possibility of a fast start from your rival. Warlock has some of the best 2-mana and 3-mana mass removals of the game. Harp is an MVP, but don’t rush into playing it before taking some damage first.

Using the hero power many turns and just baiting the opponent to overextend is fine, you will have many cheap healings to compensate for that. It is actually bad being at 30, since your healings are inside your removals. >Pop’gar The Putrid< is a good example.

The punishment of not being able to place second copies of cards comes from >Reno, Lone Ranger<, so don’t be afraid to keep him on your hand whenever possible. You have some cards that “discover a card in your deck” at your disposal as well.

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