Dragonslayer Skruk Heroic Boss Deck List – Galakrond’s Awakening Chapter 3

Class: Mage - Style: adventure-mode

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Perhaps the only tough encounter so far in Heroic – so much so that the Hero Power actually goes up in cost from 0 to 1 –, it’s one where you actually need to consider combo strategies to win. For Standard-only players, the sort of Combo Priest we’ve highlighted last week works just fine – but if you’re looking for something a bit more fancy, how about Exodia Mage? No Quest needed thanks to Emperor Thaurissan: and though the Counterspell makes Secret draws a bit less consistent, it can function as an extra Ice Block in a pinch when the unfair spells begin flying. Archmage Antonidas, double Sorcerer's Apprentice, double Molten Reflection: reduce the cost of four out of five and you’ll be good to go on this one: Simulacrum merely serves as a redundancy tool. (The reason we wouldn’t recommend Holy Wrath Paladin here is straightforward: Kobold Monk and Armored Goon can really easily ruin your day.)

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