Deathrattle Rogue

Class: Rogue - Format: kraken - Type: tempo - Season: season-25 - Style: ladder

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Wan’t too impressed with the decklists from the ‘pro players’ and I just really hate Twilight Summoner.

So here’s a deck that really revolves around getting value out of Journey Below, Raptor and Huckster etc, etc. 

The main Wincon is N’zoth, which you have lots of card draw to fish for and Shadowcaster to hit if he survives. 

My original deck had Southsea Squidface which is actually AMAZING. So feel free to put him in, the only reason he’s not on the list is that the deck needs some heals and taunts with the absence of a good board wipe. 

The only other thing it could possibly need is a Fan of Knives if the aggro paladin meta catches on.

Well, enjoy! 

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