Corrupt Shaman – Darkmoon Faire

Class: Shaman - Format: phoenix - Type: midrange - Season: season-80 - Style: ladder

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Corrupted shaman by Mamo5900

Enjoy the power of corruption!

Corrupt, destroy, fill!

Carnival Clown is flexible, you can change him with Lorekeeper Polkelt  
If you don’t have Instructor Fireheart you can actually use Steward of Scrolls for the same purpose, discovering spells 

OTK Combo:

Play all 2 corrupted Circus Medic
Otk Combo is made by Using the hp from 
Corrupt the Waters  that allows you to active battelcries twice in a turn.
Then you must play Y'Shaarj, The Defiler after used Lighting bloom
Then enjoy 4 Circus Medic  at cost 0 who deals 8 dmg per card

If you played Dunk Tank, the dmg output of OTK combo will increase!

Last Update:
I’m trying to remove Pit Master and put in Devoted Maniac to restrict Y’shaarj pull and put something a little bit more aggressive

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