Classic Keleseth Tempo Rogue (Boomsday Post Nerf)

Class: Rogue - Format: Raven - Type: Tempo - Season: 55 - Style: Ladder

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Eversince Patches rotated out Tempo Rogue struggled a bit to get enough pressure on board. This deck aims to present a new take on the archetype. Enough has been said about how to play this deck, it is by no means an exception. However, if you enjoyed Tempo Rogue in the old days, this could be for you! Feedback very welcome.

Some update on stats:

Average win rate for me is 71% on Ranks 10+

Played from Rank 13 to Rank 6 34 Wins to 17 losses.

Also played the deck on my girlfriend’s account to show it to her (she doesn’t play ranked) and we went from Rank 25 to Rank 17 with a 24 Win Streak (0 losses).

edit: Updated to replace the 2 GIs in the deck for post nerf adjustments. Currently rank 4.

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