Pirate Rogue has had a muddled history and has never quite reached the mainstream of the meta. Rastakhan’s Rumble seeks to change that by giving the Rogue class a bunch of new options to choose from for the archetype.

Rastakhan’s gives Rogue a couple of new minions to choose from: Bloodsail Howler has rush and gains +1/+ for each other Pirate you control. The Rogue Legendary, Captain Hooktusk, is an 8-Mana 6/3 Pirate that has Battlecry: Summon 3 Pirates from your deck. Give them Rush! The expansion didn’t just give the class minions, it also got some spells that synergize with the Pirates. Cannon Barrage will Deal 3 Damage to a random enemy, and repeat for each of your Pirates. The most intriguing card, however, is Raiding Party. Not only can it draw you couple of Pirates, you will also get a weapon if you hit it with Combo!

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