Mana Cost








Name Class Rarity Type
Abominable Lieutenant
At the end of your turn, eat a random enemy minion and gain its stats.
Neutral Epic Minion 8 3 5
Amplified Snowflurry
Battlecry: Your next Hero Power costs (0) and Freezes the target.
Mage Common Minion 2 2 3
Arcane Brilliance
Add a copy of a 7, 8, 9, and 10-Cost spell in your deck to your hand.
Mage Rare Spell 4
Axe Berserker
Rush. Honorable Kill: Draw a weapon.
Warrior Common Minion 4 3 5
Balinda Stonehearth
Battlecry: Draw 2 spells. Swap their Costs with this minion's stats.
Mage Legendary Minion 6 5 5
Battleworn Vanguard
After your hero attacks, summon two 1/1 Felwings.
Demon Hunter Common Minion 2 2 2
Bearon Gla'shear
Battlecry: For each Frost spell you've cast this game, summon a 3/4 Elemental that Freezes.
Shaman Legendary Minion 7 6 6
Beaststalker Tavish
Battlecry: Discover and cast 2 Improved Secrets.
Hunter Legendary Hero 6
Give a minion +2 Health then set its Attack to be equal to its Health.
Priest Rare Spell 2
Blood Guard
Whenever this minion takes damage, give your minions +1 Attack.
Neutral Common Minion 5 4 7
Honorable Kill: Gain +1/+1.
Hunter Common Weapon 2 2 2
At the end of your turn, deal 2 damage to all enemies. Honorable Kill: Restore 4 Health to your hero.
Paladin Epic Minion 8 9 7
Bru'kan of the Elements
Battlecry: Call upon the power of Elements!
Shaman Legendary Hero 8
Build a Snowman
Summon a 3/3 Snowman that Freezes. Add "Build a Snowbrute" to your hand.
Mage Rare Spell 3
Bunker Sergeant
Battlecry: If your opponent has 2 or more minions, deal 1 damage to all enemy minions.
Neutral Common Minion 3 2 4
Captain Galvangar
Battlecry: If you have gained 15 Armor this game, gain +3/+3 and Charge.
Warrior Legendary Minion 6 6 6
Capture Coldtooth Mine
Choose One - Draw your lowest Cost card; or Draw your highest Cost card.
Druid Epic Spell 2
Caria Felsoul
Battlecry: Transform into a 6/6 copy of a Demon in your deck.
Demon Hunter Legendary Minion 6 6 6
Cavalry Horn
Deathrattle: Summon the lowest Cost minions from your hand.
Paladin Common Weapon 5 3 2
Cera'thine Fleetrunner
Rogue Legendary Minion 5 5 5
Cheaty Snobold
After an enemy is Frozen, deal 3 damage to it.
Shaman Epic Minion 3 3 4
Clawfury Adept
Battlecry: Give all other friendly characters +1 Attack this turn.
Druid Common Minion 2 2 3
Coldtooth Yeti
Combo: Gain +3 Attack.
Rogue Common Minion 3 1 5
Contraband Stash
Replay 5 cards from other classes you've played this game.
Rogue Rare Spell 5
Honorable Kill: Give your other minions Divine Shield.
Neutral Common Minion 2 2 3
Deal 3 damage to a minion. Honorable Kill: Summon a new 3/3 copy of it.
Priest Common Spell 3
Desecrated Graveyard
At the end of your turn, destroy your lowest Attack minion to summon a 4/4 Shade. Lasts 3 turns.
Warlock Rare Spell 3
Dire Frostwolf
Stealth Deathrattle: Summon a 2/2 Wolf with Stealth.
Druid Common Minion 4 4 4
Direwolf Commander
Honorable Kill: Summon a 2/2 Wolf with Stealth.
Neutral Common Minion 3 2 5
Double Agent
Battlecry: If you're holding a card from another class, summon a copy of this.
Rogue Common Minion 3 3 3
Dreadlich Tamsin
Battlecry: Deal 3 damage to all minions. Shuffle 3 Rifts into your deck. Draw 3 cards.
Warlock Legendary Hero 6
Dreadprison Glaive
Honorable Kill: Deal damage equal to your hero's Attack to the enemy hero.
Demon Hunter Common Weapon 1 1 3
Battlecry: If this costs more than every minion in your deck, summon 2 of them.
Neutral Legendary Minion 4 4 4
Dun Baldar Bridge
After you summon a minion, give it +2/+2. Lasts 3 turns.
Paladin Rare Spell 4
Dun Baldar Bunker
At the end of your turn, draw a Secret and set its Cost to (1). Lasts 3 turns.
Hunter Rare Spell 2
Felfire in the Hole!
Draw a spell and deal 2 damage to all enemies. If it's a Fel spell, deal 1 more.
Warlock Epic Spell 5
Taunt. Battlecry: Cast the highest Cost Fel spell from your hand.
Warlock Common Minion 6 3 7
Field of Strife
Your minions have +1 Attack. Lasts 3 turns
Demon Hunter Rare Spell 2
Flag Runner
Whenever a friendly minion dies, gain +1 Attack.
Demon Hunter Common Minion 3 1 6
Flanking Maneuver
Summon a 4/2 Demon with Rush. If it dies this turn, summon another.
Demon Hunter Rare Spell 4
Forsaken Lieutenant
Stealth. After you play a Deathrattle minion, become a 2/2 copy of it with Rush.
Rogue Epic Minion 2 2 2
Frantic Hippogryph
Rush. Honorable Kill: Gain Windfury.
Neutral Common Minion 5 3 7
Deal 3 damage. Honorable Kill: Your opponent's next spell costs (2) more.
Shaman Common Spell 2
Frostsaber Matriarch
Taunt. Costs (1) less for each Beast you've summoned this game.
Druid Epic Minion 7 4 5
Frostwolf Kennels
At the end of your turn, summon a 2/2 Wolf with Stealth. Lasts 3 turns
Druid Rare Spell 3
Frostwolf Warmaster
Costs (1) less for each card you've played this turn.
Neutral Rare Minion 4 3 3
Frozen Buckler
Gain 10 Armor. At the start of your next turn, lose 5 Armor.
Warrior Epic Spell 2
Frozen Mammoth
This is Frozen until you cast a Fire spell.
Neutral Epic Minion 4 6 7