Sparkz’ – Patches’ Dragon Heart (Season 37, Wild)


Now now don’t get confused… First things first, in the perfect will be playing your quest on turn 3 not turn 1. Here’s how that would look.

Going First
Turn 1: N'Zoth's First Mate  –> brings out Patches the Pirate
Turn 2: Fiery War Axe or Alexstrasza's Champion
Turn 3: Fire Plume's Heart 
Going Second
Turn 1: N'Zoth's First Mate + Coin + Southsea Deckhand –> brings out Patches the Pirate
Turn 2: Fiery War Axe or Alexstrasza's Champion
Turn 3: Fire Plume's Heart

I think this deck may have to much going on with it right now, but that should always be possible to change. I see two ways this deck could go right now… Towards the fast end by dropping the quest and some of the cards that become outsiders without the quest, or to a slower end by replacing the pirate package with control cards.

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Dust Cost: 11,120
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