Hearthstone The Maw and Disorder Card Reveals – Reveal Schedule, Full List of Cards From The Castle Nathria Mini-Set

The latest Hearthstone mini-set has been announced. It’s called The Maw and Disorder and if the name suggests anything, it will probably be full of cheesy puns. The titular Maw and Disorder is a reference to the Law and Order tv series. Sylvanas Windunner was put before the Jailer for her crimes and we’ll watch the process unfold. The Jailer rules over a place in the Shadowlands called “The Maw”, and Sylvanas… causes a lot of disorder? I’m probably trying too hard to decipher it, but hey, the theme is quite interesting!

The Maw and Disorder will release with Patch 24.4, on Tuesday (September 27, 2022). Once the mini-set is out, we’ll be on the lookout for any new decks to post!

Card Reveal Schedule

Here’s a card reveal schedule for The Maw and Disorder mini-set. All of the card reveals are happening on PlayHearthstone Twitter account. After that, we’ll have Mercenaries Community reveals on September 26 (Monday).

All of the cards were revealed (check them out below). I posted Mercenaries reveals in a separate article – you can find it here.

Card List

Here’s a full list of currently revealed cards from The Maw and Disorder mini-set. Click on any of them to go to that card’s page and see more details + community discussion.

Demon Hunter






















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  1. Vincent
    September 27, 2022 at 7:51 am

    What a disappointing mini-set.
    Only hunter and mage got some decent cards, and Sylvanas is nice.