The Crone Boss Guide & Information – One Night in Karazhan

Here’s our The Crone Boss Guide & Information for the Hearthstone Adventure, One Night in Karazhan. We’ll be listing The Crone’s deck, special cards, winning deck lists, and card rewards for defeating the boss!

General Information

The Crone is the third boss of the Opera wing in One Night in Karazhan. You need to help protect Dorothee because if you don’t The Crone will launch her Hero Power the does 100 damage to your face. Dorothee gives the minions you put on her left side Charge and the right side Taunt. Use this ability to take down The Crone!

  • The Crone starts with 30 Health in Standard Mode.
  • The Crone starts with 50 Health and 15 Armor in Heroic Mode.

Card Rewards

Defeating The Crone will unlock these cards: Wicked WitchdoctorMoat LurkerSwashburglarBarnes

The Crone’s Hero Power

The Crone’s Cards/Deck

How-to Beat Heroic The Crone

The secret to beating The Crone is that you have to win by turn-8! Why is that? Because she’s pretty much guaranteed to have Twisting Nether in her hand and once she plays it she wins the game with her Hero Power. So, you need to actively protect Dorothee while aggressively dealing damage to The Crone. One of the ways to accomplish this is to run a Divine Spirit/Inner Fire Priest deck.

Heroic The Crone Successful Deck Lists

If you have a list you’d like to suggest use our Hearthstone Deck Builder and paste the link in the comments below. If the deck looks good I will add it to the list!

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