XL Control Blood Death Knight

Class: Death Knight - Format: hydra - Type: control - Season: season-107 - Style: ladder

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A classical triple blood control list with a few different choices:

The meta being less about combo decks and more about aggro nowadays (especially pure paladin), running watch post seems less efficient than before. Against druid, you just loose anyway, just accept some match-ups are not winable. Blood death knight struggles with early board presence and swarm decks. Your boardclears are not available before turn 5 and giving up too much board presence early can make your board clears inefective when you have the mana to play them. Ram commander instead of Far watch post is the main idea behind the list and here’s why:

– Ram commander gives you more proactive early board presence than watch post while being three corpses in one card.

– Helps to build the corpse count (making corpse explosion easier to use and more reliable but it also makes boneguard commander a better option to discover with hematurge now that it spawns 1/3 bodyguards)

– Can proc divine shields easily and trade the little imps against warlock, it also helps to clear Evolve chaman small minions.

– Feeds infuse cards aswell: helping you draw with fanished fool and get sylvanas online more quickly.

– Synergises better with discovery (discover blood tap or anti magic shell to go more agressive against certain match-ups).

– Less risky to use Theotar because you can exchange one ram vs one of their best cards.

Blood Dk struggles with win condition.The other major choice difference here is Lor’themar instead of Muthanus. Hand disruption is great but the meta is way too fast. We already have enough hand disruption. Lor’themar gives us more game ending power, especially if it buffs Gnome Muncher. But this is a matter of preferences, i want to go full hand disruption, keep Multhanus. Following the logic i developped earlier, Sir Denathrius could also be a good option in this list because we have more minions than the average bloodlist. If you choose this path, i would recommand to play Taelan Fordring.

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