The Roar Lives On

Class: Druid - Format: kraken - Type: combo - Season: season-25 - Style: ladder

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General Mulligans

These are the cards you need to establish yourself and hold the board.

Combo Mulligans

This is not a card you want to be left topdecking for, so just pick it up now.

Control Mulligans

TO is for buffs and demoting enemies and Wrath is for control.

I used to run a deck very similar to this, except without the Old Gods cards. It was OK, but it just couldn’t handle the field clears of the Warlock and Rogue, and it wasn’t nearly as good as the combo most packed, which is now dead. Since we’ll all be waiting to see what rises from the ashes of Rogue, I consider myself safe from them, or at least their blade flurry, for a little while, and figured it might be worthwhile to try to resurrect this deck. I would like to note, first and foremost, that this is NOT a Fandral Staghelm based combo deck abomination thing. Rather, it is trying to get an obscene amount of minions on the board in the early game so that it can play power of the wild or Savage Roar and dominate the field quickly. Just for my own convenience, I’m going to explain why you are mulliganing for certain cards as I go. 

Early Game

I am not joking one bit when I tell you that you need to maintain board control throughout the entire game if you want to win with this deck. In light of this, Living Roots and Wrath are your two best friends, since most decks can’t maintain a one then two drop consistency. The big disadvantage of this deck is its inability to maintain cards, so if possible you want to use your Wrath to draw a card.  Druid of the Saber it’s best to use stealth, in most early situations, since that way it can wait to be buffed or do a strategic kill.


During midgame (rounds 3-5) you’re trying to set up your board in such a way that you can deal high damage with a buff, but still holding back enough cards to recover from the field clear you know is coming. Midgame for me really depends on the class I’m playing against. When you’re against a Priest (non-dragon), you need to just fill the board and then Savage roar after his turn four. Warlocks, just concentrate on doing damage. Look for an opening to combo, but don’t try to make it because of Hellfire. Paladins and Warriors, you’ll be in a constant fight for board control. That’s your major goal since they tend to expend health in maintaining it. Rogue: click surrender and move on. It’s not really that bad, but rogues are brutal when it comes to maintaining a decent sized board. Since Shadowmancer came out, I would recommend killzoning them before turn 6, but that’s just my prediction of the meta. Shamans you need board control, but don’t try to fill the board. Keep your cards so you can bounce back after they overload. Mages you need to killzone by turn 7, and hunters it’s just a race to the death. A killzone for me tended to be about 4 health, since you have so many cards that you can topdeck to deal it. Your hand will determine the Killzone of course, though, for example Mark of Nature with a charge minion can bring the KZ up to six or eight.

Tech Cards

In case you should happen to be dragged into the late game (after turn 5) without having your opponent Killzoned, I recommend using Tinkmaster Overspark  or your one Naturalize. Now, I’m not going to tell you you need to go craft what is considered one of the worst legendaries in the game, but he has great removal in this deck (since you only need him when your board is empty), and he can also buff your cheap minions to a 5/5 on round two or three. Naturalize is simply a necessary card for this deck to kill a taunt that stands in your way. Nevertheless, it should be considered a last resort. Fandral Staghelm I’m trying out, just to see if he makes the buffs worthwhile and survives.

Card Comments

Shifter Zerus can be substituted for any good low cost minion. Finally, yes, I know I did not includeInnervate. It’s awful in this deck. You end up with it in your hand and nothing to combo it with, messing up your early combos and late game topdecking. 

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