The Dankness – Meme Deck

Class: Rogue - Format: wild - Type: fatigue - Season: season-45 - Style: theorycraft

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General Mulligans

Win condition relies on an early Hemet. Everything else is just to survive or get to Hemet faster.

Aggro Mulligans

Removal is key against Aggro. Combo probably won’t go through since the game is basically decided by turn 10, but you can try :D

Combo Mulligans

Mill as many cards as you can against combo. Get their key cards out of the way, then meme them to death.

Control Mulligans

Your win-con against slower decks. You don’t really need to contest them early since it’s unlikely they’ll try to contest you either. Most likely they’ll have removal for The Darkness, but if not, have fun!


*looks at The Darkness*… *looks at King Togwaggle*… “How do I abuse this…”… *looks at Hemet* “Liiightbulb!”

So obviously when you have The Darkness, you play a mill deck, right? Weeeell, now how do you make The Darkness more of a meme than it is? … What if you Mill YOURSELF and still get The Darkness? Eeeeh? Eeeeeeeeeeeh? Idunno, this is just a random deck I made for kicks and giggles; if I do get Togwaggle from a pack (I’m probably crafting The Darkness since I play a lot of Mill in Wild), I may also craft Hemet just so I can play this deck. The flavor is there, and it has just enough crazy that it just might work.

Core Mechanics

This is probably the most meme deck I have ever created. It basically just works like a mill deck; answer opponent threats, get to late game, Hemet! Waiiiit…

The whole idea of the deck is winning off the back of The Darkness. Now, in regular situations you’d have to give your opponent candles, wait until they snuff ‘em out, and then The Darkness appears. But nah, let’s have fun. First you draw into Hemet. Then destroy your entire deck. Well, almost all. Draw into the rest of your deck. Once you have the last three cards in your deck, Emperor. Next turn, Togwaggle into The Darkness (since both are discounted). You give them your empty deck, and put candles in it. Next turn, they draw all three candles, and boom! The Darkness! 😀

Technically you could Togwaggle and The Darkness BEFORE Hemet, but that banks on your opponent giving you the deck back as well as you drawing Hemet in the near future to secure candle draws. Plus it’s more likely that you’ll draw Hemet before getting both of those cards, plus discounting via Emperor or Shadowstep. Plus it isn’t as meme-y (… Actually, it’s MORE meme-y) if you draw the candles YOURSELF to proc The Darkness. So take it as you will.

Win Conditions

Obviously, The Darkness is the entire point of the deck and should be your primary win con for memes. If you get the entire combo to work, you win at life. Don’t even care about their Poly, Hex, Shadow Word: Death, etc.; you meme’d them to death. But if you actually want to win, FIIINE, I’ll give other win cons as well…

Standard Mill Win: Mill ‘til 2 cards left. Brann > 2x Coldlight > 28 Damage to face (including their start-of-turn draw). Weave in Shadowblade and a Shadowstep for one of the Coldlights if you fear milling yourself, and smack their face with Shadowblade for a total 31 damage.

Hemet-Togwaggle Win: Hemet whenever. Then get them to 10 cards, Togwaggle. Ransom burned, you have their entire deck and they have whatever few cards of your deck is left. Have fun!


Why would you need one? You’re playing a meme deck… Ok, whatever.

Aggro – Grab as many spells and removal as possible, with Deathlord as a bonus. Bloodmage Thalnos is amazing against Aggro. And if you are less likely to want to meme, go ahead and try Brann > The Darkness to hopefully get a quicker 20/20 that they probably can’t deal with, since it’s unlikely you’ll reach turn 10 without either of you being vastly ahead. Very unlikely you’ll win in Fatigue, but it’s completely possible.

Control – Grind them down. Mostly try to occupy them until you get Hemet with whatever spells you have, maybe burning a card here or there for good measure. Try for the Hemet > 10 Cards > Togwaggle if you can, as they’ll most likely have close to a full hand at all times. But if not, try for Fatigue lethal.

Combo – Mill, mill, mill! Coldlights and Shadowsteps are a must in this matchup. Burn as many cards as you can, trying to kill off their combo before they draw it. Keep in mind not to mindlessly drop Coldlights; bait a fuller hand, then Mill a bunch at once. You want as many potential burns as possible. Deathlord also helps sap some minion combo-pieces from their deck.

Card Replacments

Just don’t replace anything above 3 mana. Don’t put in anything above 3 mana either. Basically anything in the deck is replaceable… Except for the things above 3 mana. I guess Shadowstep could be used in place of Thaurissan to use on Togwaggle before your huge Togwaggle > The Darkness turn, but it’ll reveal the memes to your opponent and could potentially flop if both Shadowsteps are at the bottom of your deck. So Emperor with Hemet is generally more reliable. Unless Hemet is at the bottom, in which case… rip.


Hope you had fun reading! I sure had fun theorycrafting and meme’ing 😀

I guess I really wanted to make a The Darkness deck but wanted to also be unique in my approach and not just build Wild Mill and slap in The Darkness. And while it’s not the best approach by any means, it’s a hilarious and fun approach, with (surprisingly) multiple win cons. So go ahead and try this out, swapping whatever 0-3 drops for whatever you want.

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  1. MarmotMurloc
    December 4, 2017 at 9:08 pm

    Nice combo!
    I think Kobolds is the set of memes and really like all of the random decks like this that aim for ridiculous win conditions!
    I’ve been trying to make all spell meme hunter a thing (we all know that’s never gonna happen) but this could actually see some play sometimes!
    10/10 would meme again

    • Helioshadow - Author
      December 4, 2017 at 9:13 pm

      Glad you enjoyed! I love memes and theorycrafting, so obviously this is the expansion for me x3
      Good luck on Spell Hunter! It’ll be tough without Yogg or Maly (or with the inconsistency of adding either/or), but we memers can always hope for the best! 😀