Sonicite’s Wild Big Shaman

Class: Shaman - Format: Wild - Type: Control - Season: 46 - Style: Ladder

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Loosely based on Dane’s Big Rogue, but adapted for Shaman with Ancestral Spirit and Reincarnate. Unfortunately the deck is quite expensive, but if you have the cards, it’s a ton of fun and very strong.

Shaman’s strong early game spells provide the control needed until an ideal Barnes on turn 4. Drawing AS or Reincarnate off Far Sight on turn 3 is extremely powerful if you have Barnes on 4, but it’s helpful regardless of what you draw. Everything in the deck below 7 mana is great for stalling until you can build up a ridiculous mid to late game board, including plenty single target removal and board clears. I topped it off with an obvious N'Zoth, The Corruptor as a last-ditch play should your board get cleared late game. N’Zoth certainly isn’t necessary, though, as the game will often end before you would ever need to play him.


Depending on personal preference, Healing Rain and Healing Wave are interchangeable (I like Rain for the versatility, but Wave has great deck synergy). Crushing Hand and Maelstrom Portal can be moved around depending on your rank meta, but running one of each is a pretty safe bet. 

White Eyes is a good replacement for Al'Akir the Windlord, trading Silver Vanguard synergy for another powerful deathrattle (keep in mind that White Eyes is significantly slower). He can also replace a Sludge Belcher, but the immediate effect from Belcher’s deathrattle is very helpful when stalling midgame.


Turns 3 and 4 will often determine your success, so always hold Barnes and one Far Sight. Otherwise, mulligan for early control spells like Lightning BoltFeral Spirit and Lightning Storm. You may also choose to mulligan for Crushing HandDevolve or Maelstrom Portal depending on the matchup (be wary of your mana if you choose to play Crushing Hand early, keeping turns 3 and 4 in mind).

If you have the coin, mana is less of a consideration as you can play Barnes on 4 even with an overloaded crystal. That said, playing Far Sight on 3 is typically the best thing you can do, since a 0 mana AS or Reincarnate with a good Barnes summon can often win the game outright.

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