Questline Hunter – #2138 Legend (The Light) – Sunken City

Class: Hunter - Format: hydra - Type: tempo - Season: season-98 - Style: ladder

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Deck Import

What make this deck different from others Questline Hunter decks?

– No battlecry minion except Drek’thar. What point to use other battlecry minions (Mankrik, Rustrot Vipper) since you will waste them with Drek’thar. I will prefer minions with taunt, deathrattle, spell damage and permanent effect as long as they are on the field. This will make Drek’thar’s summon is much more useful.

– Emergency maneuvers: work very very well with all minions I mention above, especially Raj Naz’jan. 2 Emergency maneuvers + Raj Naz’jan and you do not need to complete the questline in order to burning out the enemy’s hero health. It will also confuse your opponents because they often think the only secret in this deck should be explosive trap.

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