OTK Malygos Rogue

Class: Rogue - Format: raven - Type: combo - Season: season-53 - Style: theorycraft

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Deck Import

Main idea of this deck is to kill your opponent’s with a Kobold IllusionistMalygos combo. You can deal over 100 damage in one turn, which is crazy. The hardest part is to survive until you can do this combo. If you are not fighting Druid or Warrior, you will need 1 Kobold Illusionist, 1 Malygos, at least 1Preparation, 1 Necrium Blade, 1Necrium Vial and enough spells to kill you opponent (which is usually just 2 Sinister Strike

Another important thing is that you cannot have any minion in your hand except 1 Kobold Illusionist and Malygos. You need to play all other minions before you will play your combo. NEVER activate Elven Minstrel if you have already all your necessary minions. Also, you can have only 1 Kobold Illusionist in you hand. 

As you can’t have many minions, it is really hard to survive until you will draw all necessary cards. Your best defense options are Fan of Knives (against Odd Paladin), VanishEvasion and stealth gained from Valeera the Hollow. As I said, this combo can deal over 100 damage, which is huge overkill, so don’t be afraid of casting spells at minions. 

After you are ready, you need to play Necrium Blade and attack once. Next turn you will play Kobold Illusionist, attack second time, cast Preparation and cast Necrium Vial on you Kobold Illusionist. That way you get 3 Malygos. You can cast Backstab on your Kobold Illusionist for fourth one, but it’s not necessary. You have also 4 mana crystals left. 

I decided to put Assassinate instead of Vilespine Slayer, because I didn’t want to put and more minions. Also, in order to activate its combo you would have to use one of you cheap spells. 

I decided to put Cheat Death, because using it you can decrease cost of your Kobold Illusionist. But its not that important to use it, so I put one of it into a deck

Valeera the Hollow also isn’t very important. She is here just to give your hero stealth. 

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