Myrrrrrra’s Pirate SMORC

Class: Rogue - Format: wild - Type: aggro - Season: season-52 - Style: theorycraft

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General Mulligans

You generally want things that snowball extremely well if left unanswered. So early game pirates and Hench-Clan. Honestly really any hand is fine as long as you’ve got something playable on the first couple turns.


So Myra’s came out, and I felt the need to make a SMORC Rogue deck (as the card had been custom made for Hunter long ago). I tried to put together a bunch of direct damage and chargers, but it ended up taking a Pirate core, so I adjusted the deck accordingly. It’s a bit weird for me to actually try to create the deck though, considering I enjoy more of a control-ish gimmicky style of Rogue, but don’t think of it as Rogue; think of it as a Hunter who’s been hanging out with Pirates in the tavern x3

Core Mechanics

A bit contrasting to my usual gimmick-control fun decks, this one is an overly aggressive Wild Pirate Rogue which seeks to end the game quickly, zerging the board with early pirates and utilizing Myra’s for the final nail in the coffin, searching for direct damage (combined with Thalnos), charge, and cold blood for a fantastic finish. Using Pirate synergies and weapon synergies, you’re able to sustain a decent board with a considerable amount of face damage, leading up to your Myra’s turn allowing for a final burst of damage to (hopefully) finish your opponent off.


Keeping Myra’s in your opening hand is actually not too bad, considering the low curve of the deck allowing for a decent opener regardless. So long as you have a 1-drop Pirate to pull Patches, with a bit of follow-up besides a Hero Power (but Hero Power with Small-Time T1 ain’t a bad start either), you should be golden to start overwhelming your opponent.


Hope y’all enjoyed another deck theorycraft from yours truly. It was a bit weird building an Aggro deck, but it still was tons of fun regardless coming up with the possibilities of finishing combos and such. I’ll probably be making a few more in the future, so keep yer eyes peeled if you’d like to see some more x3

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