Mini Pally – Prince Kelly

Class: Paladin - Format: mammoth - Type: aggro - Season: season-46 - Style: ladder

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Deck Import

Recent alternate of the aggro Pally list after the release of Kobolds and Catcombs.

The basis of this deck is to exploit the power of Prince Keleseth and of course Call to Arms. 

In all opening hands its imperative to mull for keleseth and call to arms.

Situational mull are Rallying Blade vs Highlander Priest and Dragon Priest’s 1/3 cleric

Lone Champion is also a great mull vs the mirror or against hunters, as most games you simply want to call to arms to victory

Spellbreaker is a must pick tech choice with the abundance of Warlocks on ladder. Silencing a voidlord can almost guarantee a win.

Corridor creeper is an obvious addition.

Sneaky Devil is a substitution tech in place blessing of kings. The strength in aggro pally is it’s ability to go wide on the board, sneaky devil gives a nice attack buff if you’re leading. The stealth gives evasion from target removal.

Unidentified Maul was taken out due to its rng bonus and honestly at turn 3 you’re going to want to rally blade or coin into call to arms.

Divine favor doesn’t perform too well in the pally mirror. 

Val’anyr is optional. Great weapon from the latest expansion but the effect is slow and clunky. this can be replaced with Reckless Rocketeer.

Key to victory, go wide and stun your opponent with a turn 5 or 6 win

This version has performed very well in ladder, only struggling against Cube Lock and every Raza Priest variant.  

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  1. Darthbrosius
    January 7, 2018 at 11:30 am

    Tarim is an absolute must have.

    Acherus Veteran in this list is also a must have.

    You’re right about Divine Favor, replace them with 2 Small Time Recruits. See my latest Murloc Aggroadin list, the concept is similar (use STR instead of DF to have drawpower vs any deck).

    I actually like the choice to play 2x Selfless Hero and 2x Spellbreaker.

    I don’t see the reason behind Lone Champion, Stonehill Defender is better (see my latest aggroadin list, I play 2x Stonehill Defender as a way to draw Tarim or another good card; 21% chance to discover Tarim btw).

    I would play at least 1 Maul, especially with Southsea Deckhand (2x is better).

    Blessing of Kings is always always better than Blessing of Might, in this deck (with a lot of 1m drops) more than ever.

    -2 Divine Favor +2 Small-Time Recruits
    -2 Lone Champion +2 Stonehill Defender (66% to discover a paladin-class taunt, 21% to discover Tarim)
    -2 Sneaky Devil +2 Acherus Veteran
    -2 Blessing of Might +2 Blessing of Kings
    -1 Val’anyr +1 Unidentified Maul
    -1 Leeroy +1 Sunkeeper Tarim

    • Darthbrosius
      January 7, 2018 at 11:44 am

      I forgot in my list resumé that 2x Glacial Shard were also to be replaced (in my opinion) from your list.

      If you want to keep Leeroy and Val’anyr replace 2x Glacial Shard with 1x Unidentified Maul and 1x Sunkeeper Tarim.

      If you don’t want to keep Leeroy and Val’anyr:
      -2 Glacial Shard
      -1 Val’anyr
      -1 Leeroy
      +2 Unidentified Maul (very good with Southsea Deckhand)
      +1 Sunkeeper Tarim (absolute must have)
      +1 Cobalt Scalebane (better than Val’anyr and Leeroy IMO)