Marsh Queen Quest Hunter

Class: Hunter - Format: mammoth - Type: aggro - Season: season-37 - Style: ladder

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General Mulligans

If you don't know what deck you're playing against it's good to get more value and some resilient minions on the board fast enough.

Aggro Mulligans

If you're playing against Aggro decks, you either want to play Doomsayer turn 2, or get a few minions on the board fast so you can take trades with Abusive Sergeant.

Midrange Mulligans

Against Midrange Decks, you need to complete the quest as fast as possible, using the elementals and the Tol-vir Warden.

Control Mulligans

Against Control deck, you will want to finish the quest as fast as possible but also keep the big drops in your hand so you can draw more cards. Anyway you know the one-drops will arrive.

The new Hunter Quest seems to many player to be the strongest and most powerful of the new expansion. Two options first come to mind when building a deck around this quest. First, you can try to finish the quest early by playing as many 1 drops in your deck as possible, or you can play a regular midrange beasts hunter with enough 1 drops to use the quest as an altenate win condition.

I tried to experiment with decks that had 29, 30 one drops to get the quest finished as fast as possible. So it appears that you can get the quest done by turn 5 and have Queen Carnassa in hand, and play her on turn 6. If you do so, then your hand will be empty by turn 3 and you will topdeck your last one drops. So even if you have an 8/8 minion by turn 6 on the board and card draw with the 15 raptors, your deck is now composed of 40 one drops, and this is not ideal.

So I thought to make an hybrid deck that would allow you to finish the quest really fast, but also to have card drawing available in the mid-game.

The idea is to refill your hand as much as possible as you’re playing one-drops, using cards like Fire Fly , Jeweled Macaw , Igneous Elemental and Stampede  .

Since you want to play the quest on turn one, it means you might loose tempo against more aggressive decks such as Warrior Pirate or Rogue Pirate. So I included Doomsayer in the deck for turn 2 if you don’t have a better option. And then you can follow up with a Mistress of Mixtures to heal. I think it’s essential to prepare against Warlock Zoo and Warrior Pirate that can outclass you in the early turns because of better tempo.

Then when you get to finish the quest, you can continue spreading the board. The deck also has a combo to end the game with Tundra Rhino and Coldlight Oracle that should draw some raptors that can attack straight away.

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