K&C Theorycraft “Little Shop of Horrors!”

Class: Rogue - Format: mammoth - Type: combo - Season: season-45

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General Mulligans

In general, I find it most helpful to avoid the 0-cost spells at the beginning of the game. Even if preparation into a mimic pod turn 1 seems powerful, you'd rather save that for later in the game when you're trying to bring your Sherazin garden out of slumber.

This is an updated version of an older deck of mine (which you can find here: http://www.hearthstonetopdecks.com/decks/kft-deathrattle-combo/ )

The key premise is to multiply Audrey II (Sherazin, Corpse Flower) as fast as possible. Originally, the only card available was Corpse Raiser. But with the addition of Carnivorous Cube, I think the deck becomes a lot more viable! 

After playing Audrey II, you want to enchant her with Corpse Raiser‘s resurrection ASAP. After that, bouncing Corpse Raiser with Shadowstep, Cheat Death, Sonya Shadowdancer, and Shadowcaster will allow you to enchant more Audrey II’s to make more Audrey II’s (If you’ve never seen the play/movie, then this probably isn’t for you).

Carnivorous Cube is freakin’ bomb because not only will it kill an enchanted Audrey II (thereby making more), but when it dies it makes even more!

I’m really excited to try this version of the deck on the 7th, and I hope others try it too.

Thanks for checking out my deck, and as always feel free to leave on comment, perhaps on how I’ve excluded so many people by sticking to a stupid joke about Little Shop of Horrors. Thanks!

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