Illidari Parade (Experimental Version)

Class: Demon Hunter - Format: phoenix - Type: token - Season: season-84 - Style: ladder

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Deck Import


General Mulligans

Demon Companion to get ahead in aggro matchups

Coin Knife Juggler into Umberwing for some face dmg and Overseer Satyr setup

Parade Leader on 2 for 3x 3/1s with Rush on 3

Control Mulligans

Nethradamus because your opponent clears your board multiple times in the early game

Illidari ParadeDemon Hunter

Reactive Aggresive Token Demon Hunter with late game power spikes. [31W:9L] Bottom Legend


Knife Juggler because the  lots of summons, Wrathscale Naga is too expensive and cant stand on its own with just 1 HP.

Parade Leader is underrated, he turns your Illidari Initiate into 3/1, up to 12 bonus attack damage, scary token boards early on. Turn 3 2/3, 3/1, 3/1, 3/1 or turn 5 (Coin) 2/3, 3/1, 3/1, 3/1, 3/1, 3/1, 3/1.

Raid Leader has bad reputation because its a basic card, but in this deck you have a big board ready to attack almost all the time so you can think of him as a 3 mana 2/2 deal 1 damage for each ready to attack minion you control, with that you finish off opponents before they can react or even expect it.

Renowned Performer  good overall in this deck, the 1/1s stop weapon users from going face.

Cycle of Hatred 100% finisher against aggro and token matchups SERIOUSLY UNDERRATED, you can think of it as upgrade your 1/1s to 3/3s, deal 3 dmg to all enemy minions and summon 3/3 for each killed. That is a lot for 7 mana and in the current meta few decks can handle your big boards wiuth aoe in the early game and react to this.

Fel Guardians sweet and tough for 0 mana, sweet with Knife Juggler and good with Raid Leader

Teron Gorefiend  has funny combo on turn 10 with Expendable Performers but is in the deck to upgrade Nethrandamus faster.

Feast of Souls is probably the most powerful card in the deck, it can draw more than 10 cards just for 2 mana, absolutely incredible with any amount of Illidari Initiate .

Wriggling Horror I don’t need to explain this one.

Nethrandamus is the nail in the coffin for anyone who managed to survive your waves of  Illidari Initiate.


Beats Weapon Rogue and aggro with lots of small taunts and better board refresh

Beats Hunter’s fire trap by dodging its effect with Teron Gorefiend


Parade Leader Coordinated Strike

Parade Leader Command the Illidari

Knife Juggler Command the Illidari

Teron Gorefiend Feast of Souls

Expendable Performers Teron Gorefiend 

Nethrandamus Animated Broomstick

This deck is subject to change, there are obvious flaws and its not yet optimized.

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  1. TorchBearer
    March 3, 2021 at 6:48 am

    Very Nice deck , let’s give that deck a try

    • Xperio28 - Author
      March 3, 2021 at 12:24 pm

      Raid Leader looks akwards but its really valuable in such a deck but i think i’m willing to cut it in next versions