Satyr Overseer

Satyr Overseer Card

Satyr Overseer is a 3 Mana Cost Free Demon Hunter Minion Demon card from the Basic set!

Card Text

After your hero attacks, summon a 2/2 Satyr.

Flavor Text

What he lacks in communication skills, he makes up for with highly responsive staffing allocations.
  • Mana Cost: 3
  • Attack: 4
  • Health: 2
  • Crafting Cost: 0 / 0 (Golden)
  • Arcane Dust Gained: 0 / 0 (Golden)
  • Rarity: Free
  • Class: Demon Hunter
  • Card Type: Minion
  • Minion Type: Demon
  • Set: Basic
  • Mechanics: Summon

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One Comment

  1. Lluadian
    March 20, 2020 at 4:37 pm

    Could easily fill board when combined with the one weapon but also since you likely will attack every turn this should would basically be 6/4 stats turn it’s played.