Frozen Fate (Freeze Mage) [Season 68 – Wild]

Class: Mage - Format: wild - Type: control - Season: season-68 - Style: fun

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If you were looking for a viable ladder deck, this is not the deck you are looking for. If you are wanting a fun, unique deck that will always surprise you and make every game a WTF moment, welcome to Frozen Fate. This deck was inspired the Fate’s Hand option in the Dalaran Heist for Mage cards that are basically cards that cast randomly, which made my adventure runs more and more amusing as I went on. The goal of this deck is simple: keep your opponent frozen and at bay early game while completing your quest, then once it is complete casting as many spells as you can to buff up your Yogg as well as search for strong burst options, and when you’re backed into a corner see how many spells Yogg can get out before he kills you, your opponent, or himself. I enjoy this deck a lot and find it to be a nice break from meta ladder play, hopefully some of y’all can play around with it and roll the dice.

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  1. LegendaryBot
    November 12, 2019 at 8:31 am

    Sathrovarr for yogg maybe