Elemental Mill Rogue

Class: Rogue - Format: mammoth - Type: fatigue - Season: season-42 - Style: ladder

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Okay guys this deck steemrolled everyone up to rank 12 now so it is worth to mention some things.

After experimenting with a C’thun version of Mill rogue I realized that rogue is the best at milling because it is the fastest. With C’thun the deck becomes slower because one has to play the c’thun cards and the brewmasters have to be cut cause of space issues. With this version I play the full set of brewmasters and also cut vilespine slayers to make the deck as fast as possible. After all, the controll matchup is so favoured anyway with 2x Sap.

After the core of the deck was built only 6 open slots remained. As the name suggests those are filled with the best defensive cards out there: glacial shard, tar creeper and tol’vir stoneshaper. Glacial shard has no counterplay and tar creeper is obviously the best for its stats. Tol’vir can be replaced with prince valanar and some other card but the elemental package is fine. Tolvir is also better with brewmaster/ferryman since it is way easier to reset. 

The deck is also cheaper that way and since its incredibly fun I highly reccomend trying it. There is so much to learn and every matchup is winnable especially after the next patch of fiery waraxe. The druid matchup is especially good since one always draws into skulking geist with this deck. And again I have to thank the one coming up with valeera the hollow: Its pure Mill Rogue love and works so incredibly well in this deck. (Dont play the deck without it..it makes THAT much of a difference)

Some rules for playing this deck:

-most importantly: vs most decks its best to play out your elemental cards and NOT play oracle until you feel forced to. After that try to play oracles every turn… you will draw into a way to return it to your hand, too. Thats part of the fun πŸ˜‰

-Never use shadowblade and save one shadowstep or shadowstepped oracle to do the final combo: Shadowblade, oracle, deathknight oracle, shadowstep oracle

-when you got the oracles going be wasteful with your cards as the hand refills super fast. Keep in mind that your handsize is also decreased by one after valeera the hollow. Only after you draw shadowblade and one shadowstep you are permitted to mill your own cards.

-use prep only for vanish (unless you wouldn’t do anything with the 3 mana anyways)

-use the stealth from valeera the hollow… it is mostly not worth playing her after a doomsayer.

-use brewmaster/ferryman in the early game for tempo. Do not just pass the turn. Turn 3 glacial shard + brewmaster/ferryman into turn 4 tol’vir is perfect play.

-vs aggro try to reset your elementals with brewmaster/ferryman and play oracle after establishing a board. Your oracle will usually help you keep board pressure at this point.

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