Echo’s infinite Snowfury’s and thing from below’s!

Class: Shaman - Format: Mammoth - Type: Combo - Season: 41 - Style: Theorycraft

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So the goal here is pretty much to go infinite with Thing from Below and Snowfury Giant‘s . this is not your typical “freeze” shaman but more of a way to keep your opponent busy dealing with big and FREE threats.

First use Ancestral Spirit on your free giants and TFB’s + Spirit Echo

Beware not to overdraw to much, just be careful. 

Now your opponent has a full board of reincarnated threats, and your hand is full of them also. 

If he should manage to deal with them: Put them out on the board again and let Hyldnir Frostrider and Moorabi fill your hand up again. 

I also added a few freeze spells in case you wantet to stel you opponent’s Lich King or whatever :p

I have NO IDEA if this will work, just thought it would be fun to try.

Enjoy! (or not, haha)

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