[Boomsday] Ambush Miracle

Class: Rogue - Format: raven - Type: combo - Season: season-52 - Style: theorycraft

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After a bit of theorycrafting on Lab Recruiter, I found the potential synergy it had with Myra’s, ensuring that certain draws are 100% going to be X card. But what card to abuse… Fal’dorei Strider of course! The ability to thin your deck down boosts the consistency of Fal’dorei immensely, and shuffling in more with Lab Recruiter only makes the deck even more hilarious after Myra’s is dropped. Combine that with the potential of doubling up with Valeera the Hollow, and your opponent will want to burn down the house with all of the spider infestations they’re dealing with x3

Core Mechanics

The deck generally runs similar to a Miracle deck, at first glance. It has basically every Miracle tool to keep the board clean as well as draw through your own deck, attempting to find the combo. Once you get Myra’s, you can take a gamble on whether or not you think you’ll pick up Lab Recruiter and Fal’dorei Strider (of course, invalidated if you already have them in hand).

Play Myra’s, empty your deck, and let the entertainment begin. Fal’dorei Strider with a Lab Recruiter on it gives you three Ambushes and three Striders. At first, that’s not too impressive; on average, you’ll only get one spider off the draw. But then, play the second Strider you just drew. Next turn, your board gets flooded with more spiders. Tempted to play the last one? Maybe keep it for after your other Ambushes fill the board (or, according to board state, maybe three more Ambushes won’t just be burned). 

If worse comes to worst, 2x Lab Recruiter can allow for an infinite anti-fatigue measure, and Leeroy with Lab Recruiter can give you an extra 24 total reach (6 on Leeroy x 4 [one from stock, three from Lab Recruiter] = 24 total damage). Of course, this is assuming your opponent is able to deal with the flood of 4/4’s over three or four turns (along with your own plays from hand), while in most cases they probably won’t be able to.


General: Thalnos is great if you’re unsure of the matchup, as she’ll (I think it’s a she…) give you draw for the control matchup, and Spell Power for the aggressive matchup. Edwin and Hench Clan are also great picks, as they can get out of hand pretty quickly if the opponent’s unable to clear them.

Aggro: Try to find any board clears you can find. Backstabs, Eviscerates, even Shivs and Fans of Knives with Thalnos will make your day that much better. Just try your best to stabilize, and you’re golden once you cross the threshold.

Control: Try to reach your combo ASAP. Generally, they shouldn’t be able to deal with the flood of 4/4’s if the combo’s dropped on curve, and you can just overwhelm them at that point. Saps and Vilespines are a nice safety net to fall back on should you fail to find your combo.


Hope you enjoyed another theorycraft! Always love doing this with the advent of a new expansion, so I at least hope you had fun reading (and possibly playing once the expansion rolls around) this deck!

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