Bladed Lady Demon Hunter

Class: Demon Hunter - Format: wild - Type: tempo - Season: season-84 - Style: ladder

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Deck Import


While not my most impressive Deck of them all, being able to do nothing but make copies of Bladed Ladies as my Control Board was what make me like Demon Hunter. And now with the Help of Kor'vas Bloodthorn, it made me Consider to go for Il'gynoth again, but without going for the whole OTK idea of it, since the deck is more orianated into fun more then it actually is into climbing the ladder, though it can still do that, just not as effective.

The Core Idea for Demon Hunter’s Core Set is to just Spam Bladed Ladies. As for your other plan, Kor'vas Bloodthorn is going to be you Mini ZIlliax that can hit face. And when you have Il'gynoth out it’s a 2 mana minion that can hit 4 to the face, and then Shadowstep back out with an Outcast card.

Though the deck nowadays isn’t as serious as some of the other decks out there that really got buffed up, The Deck itself has still seen enough success to consider. Though maybe you might want to replace a few cards here and there for the OTK, if you like my general idea of what I planned to do. Plus it’s also got some acceleration, too. 

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