Aggro Water Paladin

Class: Paladin - Format: kraken - Type: aggro - Season: season-35 - Style: ladder

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General Mulligans

Ideally you want to drop the Small-Time Buccaneer on turn one to pull Patches, and follow with an Argent Lance on turn two. Playing Vilefin Inquisitor early on is always helpful to get value from your Murloc Warleaders, and the tempo that Finja can create makes him a must-keep in almost every match. 

This is an aggressive Paladin deck that utilizes a combination of Divine Shield, minion buffs, the “Pirate Package” and the “Murloc Package”. It plays similarly to the more popular Pirate decks, but with more sticky minions and the potential to refill your hand with Divine Favor.  I threw it together on a whim and was surprised how well it performed on the ladder, taking me from 17 to 10 in only a few nights. It seems to do especially well against other Aggro decks, since Divine Shield forces them to spend more resources removing your board. 

I’ve found the Gadgetzan “hand buff” mechanic to be too slow for the meta, but the classic buffs combined with shields and the “Water Package” seem to work well for Paladin. I have some ideas on swaps once Small-Time Buccaneer is nerfed, and will experiment and edit accordingly when the time comes. 

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